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Spray Drying

We are specialists in the process of spray drying, a widely used industrial process for turning liquid feedstocks into dry solid powders or granules.  Spray drying involves a dispersion of slurry atomized into a spray of droplets that makes contact with hot air in a drying chamber.  The evaporation of moisture rapidly forms a light-density, uniform powder which is discharged continuously from the drying chamber. 

CinChemPro offers 24-hours-per-day, five-days-a-week spray drying production, with 24/7 operation available as required. On a scheduled basis, we have made test runs as small as 300 gallons, and we have the ability to spray dry one gallon lab samples on our lab dryer to production runs in excess of one million pounds per month.
Materials that cannot be spray dried at CinChemPro, Inc. at this time include: flammable solids, food products, highly abrasive products, pharmaceuticals, solvent-based products, or toxic materials.

CinChemPro has three Spray Dryers: