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Crushing & Grinding

CinChemPro has the capacity for processing a wide variety of friable materials in hammer mills, reducing materials from large chunks to products of less than 100 microns.  Our crushing and grinding operation includes blenders, dust collectors, and packaging equipment.

Equipment Description
Jacobs Prebreaker 15 hp
#2 Mikro Pulverizers with stirrup hammer mill
25 hp with feed screws and air pick up hopper
#1 Mikro Pulverizer with stirrup hammer mill
5 hp with feed screws-test mill
Integrated Vibrating Screen
Valve Pack Baggers
Valve Pack Bagger Stainless Steel

All new products are tested using a #1 Mikro Pulverizer for customer approval.  At least 1000 pounds of material are needed for a pre-production run and trial volume would vary by product.  A Rotap Screen is used off-line for verification of particle sizes.

Pricing for Crushing & Grinding Services
Pricing is established on an individual basis. Factors affecting price include: material density, material hazards, dust level, processing volumes, equipment and labor needs.  Charges are on an hourly rate.  General production rates average 600 to 1200 pounds per hour. 

All packaging materials and all freight costs are to be supplied by the customer.

All off grade material and any clean-up water will be returned to the customer for their disposal.