A venture business came to CCP with new bioinsecticide technologies. Because it was a new technology, there were a lot of unknowns with the processes and technologies, and the need for documentation and communication… The client required processing development services that had a strong technology background in spray drying, formulation and blending technology.


CCP worked closely to the client to develop multi-faceted processes including spray drying, formulating, and blending.

In addition, CCP worked with the client with new capabilities, including refrigeration for the storage of the incoming materials.

CCP and the client developed a strong partnership and developed multiple materials technologies for a variety of bio-friendly applications. We worked together to modify and streamline the processes and not only drive performance improvements but to allow the economic to ensure commercial success.

The development of this new technology required CCP to implement a detailed documentation system and the establishment of a custom quality system.


As a result of the close partnership between CCP and the client, the client was able to successfully launch multiple products into their marketplace and we have continued to develop improved technology to ensure their future success.