We are specialists in the process of spray drying, a widely used industrial process for turning liquid feedstocks into dry solid powders or granules. Spray drying involves a dispersion of slurry atomized into a spray of droplets that makes contact with hot air in a drying chamber. The evaporation of moisture rapidly forms a light-density, uniform powder which is discharged continuously from a cyclone.

CinChemPro offers 24-hours-per-day, five-days-a-week spray drying production, with 24/7 operation available as required. On a scheduled basis, we have made test runs as small as 300 gallons, and we have the ability to spray dry one-gallon lab samples on our lab dryer to production runs in excess of one million pounds per month. 


  • 16’ Bowen Dryer
  • 10’ Niro Dryer
  • 2.5’ Lab Dryer

CCP has explosion suppression capabilities, anti-caking systems, water scrubber or dust collectors and the ability to use a dehumidifier for extreme temperature sensible materials.